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What to Dip in Hummus? (15 Healthy Savory & Sweet Options!)

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Hummus is one of the most versatile and healthy dips on the planet, but you may be wondering what are some creative things to dip in hummus? 

There are quite a variety of ingredients that can be added or omitted to make hummus savory or sweet and not so traditional. 

All these alterations can change the nutrition content and flavor greatly.    

What you dip in the hummus would vary based on the flavor, right?

Coming up we’ll explore different hummus variations, nutrition content, and what healthy foods can be dipped into different types of hummus.

Read on to learn some great hummus dipping options!

What is Hummus?

Hummus is a creamy bean dip that is typically savory. Traditionally hummus is made from chickpeas, garlic, tahini (a ground sesame paste, that’s just like peanut butter), olive oil, and lemon juice. 

Hummus can easily be made at home by pulsing the ingredients in a food processor or blender. A traditional hummus is usually topped off with olive oil and sometimes sesame seeds or smoked paprika (my favorite- game changer!).  

Hummus Variations

You may choose to use different types of beans, add a variety of vegetables, or add or omit certain ingredients for a different twist. 

Although hummus is traditionally made with chickpeas, cannellini beans, black beans, lima beans, soy beans (edamame), or pinto beans can be used instead.  

A variety of savory flavors may be added to hummus.  Roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, eggplant, olives, jalapenos, chipotle peppers, or extra garlic are very typical.

Hummus can be a sweet treat too.  There are quite a few dessert varieties available such as chocolate, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, brownie batter, chocolate chip cookie dough, or snickerdoodle.  

Hummus Nutrition Content

The nutrition content of hummus can vary depending on the ingredients used. Since hummus is a bean based dip, it is a great source of protein and fiber.  Tahini adds healthy fats in addition to protein and fiber.  

Nutrition content in 1 tablespoon of traditional hummus

According to the USDA, 1 tablespoon (15 grams) of hummus contains:

  • 27 calories
  • 1.3 g of fat
  • 36 mg of sodium
  • 3 g of carbohydrates
  • 0.6 g of fiber
  • 0.04 g of sugar
  • 1.2 g of protein

Healthy Hummus Prep Tips

The nutrition content of various types of hummus can easily be altered to make them lower in calories, fat, sodium, and sugar.  

For a healthier hummus, try these tips: 

  • If you want to save on calories or fat, reduce the oil in hummus or skip it entirely.  Some whole foods plant based recipes use water instead of oil.
  • To save on sodium, use cooked dried beans or canned beans that are lower in sodium.  Rinsing off canned beans also helps to greatly reduce the sodium content. 
  • Don’t add salt when preparing hummus instead add extra lemon juice.  Lemon juice mimics the taste of salt without adding sodium.  
  • To reduce the added sugar in a dessert hummus, pitted dates can be used as a sweetener.  
Sweet & savory hummus with various dipping options.  Vegetables and pita bread for savory hummus and fruit and cinnamon pita chips for sweet hummus.
Sweet & savory hummus with various dipping options.

What To Dip In Hummus?

Now that we have explored the variations of hummus and nutrition swaps, let’s take a look at what healthy savory and sweet foods can be dipped in hummus.  

15 Healthy Foods to Dip in Hummus

  1. Whole wheat pita or lavash-This is what is traditionally paired with original, savory hummus, but it works great with dessert hummus too.
  1. Whole wheat crackers or almond crackers- Try reduced sodium Triscuits or Wasa crackers for less salt.

Vegetables (low calorie foods) that are great with any variety of savory hummus:

  1. Baby carrots or carrot chips
  1. Cherry or grape tomatoes
  1. Cucumber slices or Persian cucumbers
  1. Mini bell peppers or pepper slices
  1. Snow peas or snap peas
  1. Celery
  1. Jicama sticks
  1. Sliced radishes
  1. Broccoli
  1. Cauliflower

What to Dip in Sweet Hummus Varieties:

  1.  Strawberries

14. Apple slices

  1. Cinnamon pita chips

Final Thoughts

Hummus is a mild, creamy bean dip that is traditionally savory.

By adding a variety of vegetables, herbs, spices, or sweets, hummus can take on many other flavors.    

The addition or omission of certain ingredients can alter the nutritional value of hummus.  

There are many different healthy foods that can be dipped in hummus, but what you choose depends on if the hummus is savory or sweet.  

Please leave me a comment and let me know which healthy foods are your favorites to dip in hummus.  

Infographic listing what to dip in hummus, healthy savory and sweet options.

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